About Us

Book ‘Em  collects new and gently-used books from the Middle Georgia community at large as well as local businesses through book drives which take place in schools, churches, businesses, stores, etc. Once we collect the books, they are sorted by age appropriateness and reading ability level. The books are distributed by the Macon-Bibb Sheriff’s Office in several ways: at Sheriff’s office summer CHAMPS camps, at back-to-school kick-off events held in late summer, and by patrol officers who have special training and scheduling to enable them to hand books out to children in the communities they patrol in. Our hope is that this will help the children of Macon-Bibb to see law-enforcement officers as their friends and allies.

Macon Book ‘Em is also able to purchase brand-new books from First Book and Scholastic on a below-cost basis, averaging $1-$3 per brand new book, due to the fact that we are a non-profit delivering books to at-risk children.

Why is this so important?

Consider the fact that many municipalities use the scores on reading achievement tests of 3rd graders in their community’s schools to do long-range planning for the number of jail cells they project a need for in 20 years. The literacy rate really determines the success or failure of a community.